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Fiona Glenday

Tel: 01262 470611 | fmglenday@gmail.com
NYFM 7 Valleybridge Parade City Scarborough North Yorkshire YO11 2JX

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After over 30 years in private practice, undertaking all kinds of Family Law matters and acting as counsel to the fee earners of the firm; over 11 years as a Family Law Mediator, accredited specialist in all issues and undertaking supervision and guidance as a Professional Practice Consultant to other accredited specialist Mediators; 6 years regularly sitting as a Deputy District Judge, I embrace the alternative of Arbitration for people with any family issues. At last, they have the opportunity to choose how their case should be conducted, who will decide a single or multiple issues for them and most of all, how to control the costs to be invested in obtaining an answer.

My experience will help them to decide how to proceed and whether a hearing is required or their case can be dealt with on paper and avoid the need to attend and give any evidence. They will be able to decide when and where any hearing takes place. They will be certain of consistancy with the Arbitrator that they choose and a reasoned, considered written decision that they will understand.

Mediator, Part-time Judge, Solicitor
Geographic Region:
North East, North West, Yorkshire and The Humber