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Hassan Khan

Tel: 0207 427 5200 |
4 Paper Buildings Temple London EC4Y 7EX

Experienced, diligent and approachable children barrister of over 20 years experience.

As an Arbitrator I am well versed in the collaborative approach expected by solicitors and their clients. I believe the purpose of Arbitration is to reduce the conflict and tension in a dispute and inject it with calm and common sense. The Arbitration process is for the benefit of the parents and children involved. I have an empathetic approach and fully understand the stresses of family dynamics.

I am committed to conducting Arbitrations that are fair to each side with a view to ultimately providing the best solutions for families going forward. My primary focus is the welfare of the child(ren) concerned.


  • I have been a practising barrister for 20 years and have vast expertise appearing in all courts. My cases involve child arrangements, including issues relating to parental responsibility such as change of name; medical treatment; schooling; holiday and relocation disputes. My work often involves disputed cases of shared care, intractable contact cases and issues of parental alienation.
  • I have a strong practice working for modern families. This involves representing gay individuals and couples in surrogacy cases and co-parenting arrangements, when disputes arise as to the role each adult should play in a child’s life.


  • Family Junior Barrister of the Year 2013 – Jordan Publishing Awards
  • Specialist counsel for the Government’s Attorney General Panel
  • Legally Qualified Chair for Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service



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East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and The Humber