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Barbara Corbett

T: +44 1534 733030  |  barbara.corbett@corbettlequesne.com

Barbara Corbett is a family law arbitrator qualified in both financial and children matters. She is based in Jersey in the Channel Islands and is a Jersey Advocate as well as an English solicitor. Her dual qualification means that she is able to arbitrate in matters involving  Jersey assets with a full knowledge of how matters would be dealt with by the Royal Court of Jersey as well as the English courts. Barbara has practised family law throughout her career (from 1996), is a collaborative lawyer, a mediator (both family and civil and commercial) and is qualified in direct consultation with children. Although based in Jersey Barbara is willing to travel to the UK and Guernsey for arbitrations. Barbara is the senior partner of Corbett Le Quesne, a specialist family law firm she started with partner Nicholas Le Quesne in 2017.

Collaborative Lawyer, England and Wales, Mediator, Solicitor
Channel Islands, East Midlands, International (outside the UK), Isle of Man, London, North West, West Midlands